Whole Foods – Spring Back to Life

Our good friends at NOMAD hired Great Job to help make their stop motion spot for Whole Foods a reality. We all know prices fluctuate, and while we love in-camera, practical moves, 3D was the way to go to achieve each of the six price lockups.

Dustin Scott had a good time as the on set VFX Supervisor. Using a Theta Z1 360 degree camera, Dustin was able to make quick work of capturing HRD imagery for 3D lighting in post.

Marrying live action, stop motion, and 3D is always fun. Sometimes we need a little more flexibility. For instance, we needed a few more frames on the mango opening, and while the stop motion artists did an excellent job, Dustin was able to use a planar tracking technique to bring the mango’s pedals to life.

All rendered using Redshift in Cinema 4D using an ACES color space workflow.

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